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Basic Mediation Training

Register here for the Basic Mediation Training, 40-hr training, with Dr. Clare Fowler. 

May 31-June 4 at University of Oregon School of Law. 

Basic 40-hr mediation Training which will give you negotiation skills, conflict awareness, and confidence in the mediation process. 

Discover your approach to conflict and your preferred resolution style.
Develop your own mediation agreement, confidentiality, intake, and evaluation forms.
Learn the SONAR technique (Statement, Opening, Negotiation, Agreement, Resolution). 
Enjoy an entertaining, fast-paced week that drills in the basics so that you will feel confident in your own mediation. 

At the University of Oregon School of Law, conference room near the Conflict Resolution Office. Street parking available.

May 31: 8-5:30
June 1: 8-5:30
June 2: 8-5:30
June 3: 8-5:30
June 4: 8-12

Taught by Dr. Clare Fowler, who received her Master's and Doctorate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine School of Law, works at with their Caseload Manager, adjunct professor at University of Oregon School of Law, and workplace mediator.

This course is designed for everyone who wants more information about resolving disputes. You might be a practicing attorney who wants to add this to your existing practice. You might be a recent highschool grad who feels drawn to the peacekeeping field. You might be in business and need additional negotiation skills. This course is improved by a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. 

Normally this course is $1,000. 
This fee is reduced for this course since it will also be recorded. 

$500 for participants
$200 for students 


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